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    Our Comprehensive Clothing Alteration Services

    Sewseam offers a wide range of clothing alteration and clothing repair services to ensure a perfect fit for every garment in your wardrobe. Here are some of our most popular services:

    purple evening dress for the women after sewseam clothing alteration


    Precise Dress Alterations: Trusted experts skilled in modifying dresses of any fabric or embellishment, ensuring a perfect fit for any occasion.

    sewseam skirts alterations


    Specializing in skirt alterations: From delicate lace to leather, we flawlessly adjust size, taper, and hem while preserving the original design.

    sewseam trousers


    Tailor-made trouser alterations: Expertly adjust waist size and leg width with precision by modifying the centre back seam and removing fabric from inside and outside leg seams.

    sewseam jackets


    Flawless jacket alterations: London’s top experts seamlessly alter jackets with creativity, precision, and attention to detail, including replacement of jacket linings for an authentic and high-quality finish.

    sewseam coat


    Coat transformation specialists: Masterful coat alterations and restyling services, providing impeccable fit and enhancing the overall appearance of your coats.

    sewseam evening dresses

    Evening Dresses

    Meticulous dress alterations: Expertly transform and tailor dresses with care, attention to detail, and a focus on luxury fabrics for a perfect fit and impeccable style.

    sewseam shirts


    Top-notch shirt alterations and restyling: Expertly modify sleeve length, add darts for a tailored waist, and adjust fit around the chest and hips, enhancing your shirt’s style and eliminating excess fabric.

    sewseam knitwear & jumpers

    Knitwear & Jumpers

    Knitwear perfection: Skilled in expert alterations and repairs for knitwear and jumpers, ensuring impeccable fit and flawless finishes.

    sewseam alterations


    Expert tailoring services for all your clothing needs, ensuring a perfect fit and personalized style enhancements.

    sewseam specia services

    Special Services

    Unmatched expertise in leather/suede/jacket/coat alterations, make-to-measure trousers/skirts, and invisible mending, delivering exceptional quality and precise fit.

    sewseam dry clean sewseam

    Dry Cleaning

    SewSeam offers top-notch dry cleaning services, combining cutting-edge technology and eco-friendly solvents for impeccable results.

    A cream color coat with full fledged suit at sewseam - your best clothing alteration shop in london

    Clothing Alteration & Tailoring Services

    At Sewseam, we understand the importance of feeling confident and comfortable in your clothes. But sometimes, off-the-rack garments just don’t fit quite right. That’s where our expert clothing alteration and clothing repair services come in.

    Our team of passionate tailors and seamstresses, with years of experience, is dedicated to providing high-quality alterations and repairs to breathe new life into your wardrobe. Whether you have a dress that needs tailoring to hug your curves perfectly or a pair of jeans that are a tad too long, we can transform your clothes into garments you love to wear.

    YOUR Design, WE Deliver

    We understand the frustration of off-the-rack clothing that doesn’t quite fit right. At Sewseam, with our years of experience, we specialize in a wide range of alterations to ensure your clothes flatter your figure and make you feel confident.

    customers discussing sewseam best dress alteration services

    We Provide the Best Dress Alteration Services at SewSeam

    Fueled by the passion of our top designer, Mr. Fahim Refah, SewSeam offers the best suit alteration and clothing repair services in London. We specialize in custom tailoring for both Women’s and Men’s clothes and create unique accessories. Whether you need a perfect wedding gown, a suit that fits just right, or any clothing repair, our team, led by Mr. Refah, brings your ideas to life. If you need any clothing repair or alterations, SewSeam is here to help.


    Peter Hobden

    "Trying my suit on for the first time was a really special moment. How it felt to wear and how it made me feel was amazing. Thank you so much for my wedding suit. Very enjoyable experience. On the big day the suits looked great and we had many positive comments."

    Richard Romero

    "Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I received the suit this week and I love it. It's been beautifully made and every detail is perfect. Please pass on my appreciation to the tailor and the team that made it. Thank you guys, you are the best alteration services. I will recommend you."

    Frankie Morales

    "This is by far the best suit I ’ve owned, and I’ve owned custom made suits before. The suit from Peter Mason fit like a glove. So did the shirt I ordered. I recommend booking an appointment to get measured properly and to choose your own fabric. You are the best!"

    dashing double breasted suit - sewseam
    Dashing Double-Breasted Suit


    classic charcoal three-piece suit - sewseam
    Classic Charcoal Three-Piece Suite


    elite exceutive suite - sewseam
    Elite Executive Suit


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