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JUST SEW is a top choice in London for Jackets Alterations. We mix experience with creativity and careful attention to alter any jacket.

We put customer satisfaction and top-notch work first. Our skilled tailors can replace your jacket lining, making sure every detail matches perfectly.

After we’ve worked on your jacket, it will look completely authentic and original.

Choose Your Jackets Alterations

Shorten                                  £26.50
Shorten with Vent                £28.50
Shorten Sleeves                    £19.00
Shorten from shoulder        £44.95
Lengthen Sleeves                 £26.00
Take in                                    £26.50
Let out                                    £32.50
Let out ladies                        £25.00
Narrow shoulder                  £30.00
Reline                                     £74.50
Reline with out sleeves        £53.50
Repair lining                          £10.00
Each repair                            £5.00
Elbow patch                          £13.50
Taper Sleeves                       £22.00

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YOUR Design, WE Deliver

Providing you with maximum level of comfort & confidence in every suit!

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