Extra care needs to be taken when altering a dress to make sure it is altered to perfection. We have a team of experts with many years of experience in dress alterations who you can trust with any dress alteration. We can help you with any type of alteration from simple hem shortening to significant modifications in any fabric with detail or embellishment.

Whether you have purchased a luxury beaded gown, a sequined evening dress for a special event or a simple work dress which needs altering, our highly trained seamstresses will work on it to ensure it fits you precisely.

Shorten                                           £13.50
Shorten with lining       £17.50
Take in side £16.50
Lengthen                                       £17.50
Let out side   £20.00
Re line     £34.50
Re hem         £7.50
New Zip £16.50
Concealed Zip   £20.00
Remove/replace Zip       £10.00
Remove/replace invisible Zip  £12.50
Shorten Strap  £12.00
Alter Shoulder £21.50
Each repair     £5.00
Shorten additional Layer£6.50
Make Darts (2)           £9.50
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