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Discover Skirts Alterations at Sewseam

Skirts Alterations are one of our primary specialties at SewSeam. With our expertise, we handle various fabrics, from leather to delicate lace, sequins, beads, and other challenging materials often tricky to alter.

For skirts alterations, when the fit isn’t perfect around the waist or hips, we swiftly adjust by tweaking side seams or the center back seam. To achieve a subtle taper, we trim excess fabric from the inside seams. Additionally, we’re adept at shortening hems on skirts with one or multiple layers, preserving the original design.

Choose Your Desired Skirts alterations

Shorten/Lengthen                                                £10.00
Shorten with lining                                               £14.00
Take in/Let out waist                                            £13.00
Take in/Let out waist and hip                             £18.00
New Zipe                                                                £12.50
Concealed Zip                                                       £15.00
Remove/Replace Zip                                            £11.00
Each repair                                                             £5.00
Relining                                                                  £25.00

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