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Discover Sewseam Best Coats

Step into SewSeam, your premier destination for the best coats near me. Here, we specialize in enhancing your style with expert craftsmanship. Our dedicated tailors strive for perfection, delivering precise adjustments, stylish transformations, and personalized options to ensure your coat fits impeccably and stands out.

When it comes to finding the best coats near me, SewSeam is your trusted partner. From seasonal adjustments to quality craftsmanship, our dedicated team brings years of experience to deliver timely and customer-centric services.

Choose SewSeam to transform your outerwear into a personalized, fashion-forward statement that stands the test of time. Visit our store or schedule an appointment online to experience the perfect fusion of style and craftsmanship.

Choose Your Coats Alterations

Shorten/lengthen                               £10.00
Shorten/lengthen with tape             £12.00
Shorten with same bottom              £12.50
Turn up                                                £14.50
Take in/ Let out waist                        £13.00
Take in/ Let out waist & seat            £18.00
Taper/Take in legs                             £18.00
New Zip                                               £12.50
Concealed Zip                                    £14.00
New Pocket (1)                                   £10.00
Jean Pocket                                         £15.00
1/2 Pocket                                           £5.45
Re Hem (2)                                          £5.00
Relining                                               £35.00
1/2 Relining                                        £25.00
Patch S-M-L                                £4.95-£5.95-£8.95

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